About Us

Our Mission

We connect youth to nature by eliminating barriers, providing resources, and promoting outdoor programming as essential for building healthy lives and inspiring future stewards of the planet.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all youth to have the opportunity for meaningful experiences in nature.

Core Values


From our staff, to our board, to our grantees, we value diversity and strive to be inclusive.


We listen and learn so that we can remain relevant and effective, using our leadership role to address needs as they arise.


We expect more of our work, navigating new pathways to transform the way youth interact with, appreciate and care for the outdoors.


Our leadership role demands that we adapt with an open mind and heart, keeping lines of communication open, and making adjustments to achieve shared goals and to embrace opportunities.


We ignite momentum, attract resources, and rally support for a cause that demands attention and action.


We practice prudent stewardship of our financial resources and the resources of the planet, in order to serve future generations of youth and to honor the trust of our donors.

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